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[Sunday | April 10 2005]
new name.
add it.
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Are you Ultra Violent? [Tuesday | April 05 2005]
[ mood | pensive ]

I am in a very good mood today.
For no reason at all.
I missed the Comeback Kid/With Honor show Sunday.
Because I suck pretty hardcore.
I'm on spring break.
Oh. Pictures from recently-ish.
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I love sid vicious.

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[Sunday | March 20 2005]
[ mood | lxdfh8ed7fszjf ]

shfiftysixCollapse )

you'll never stay.

and i'll never learn.

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flawless. [Tuesday | March 08 2005]

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[Saturday | February 19 2005]
[ mood | good ]

thisiswhathappenswhenigetboredCollapse )

Me and your daughter got a special thing goin' on.

Sorry Ms. Jackson.
I am for real.

Why yes.
I do abso-fucking-loutley love the vines.

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[Sunday | February 06 2005]
[ mood | contemplative ]

"And there was that one definitive moment, did it mean it too you?"

Valentines day is nearing.

As are many a show that I will be attending.

I already have my valentine.


I want to go play bumper boats at funtasia. and then run around playing laser tag totally soaked. like we used to back when we were cool.

Also. I want to go snowboarding.

Peace and famine.
Amber Lavigne

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[Monday | January 10 2005]
lets get a fresh start.

plastic cup politics for sure.
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